Lincoln Park Zoo Suprise Evening Proposal



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Have I mentioned how much I adore proposals? Photographing this Lincoln Park Zoo surprise evening proposal was such an experience, and I am thrilled to be by my couple’s sides during these moments. 

Brady inquired with me a couple of weeks before, and he knew exactly how he wanted their proposal story to go. Visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights every year has become a tradition these two enjoy! Naturally, this was the perfect location for their proposal. Brady and I talked about what exact spot in the Zoo would work best. We settled on the South Pond bridge outside the lights exhibit, so there was likely to be less foot traffic. A major plus to this location was the views of the city and the zoo lights on either side. 

I wanted a more secluded location to set up a light since we were photographing after sunset. It turned out to be AMAZING!! We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome, and Bailey had the most incredible reaction!

We agreed to meet around 6:30. Brady and I stayed in contact the entire time while I waited for them to make their way through the lights. Even though I have photographed many proposals, I still experience the heart-palpitating excitement beforehand. This feeling never goes away until that knee is on the ground, haha. 

I am standing in our meeting spot, and I look over to see Brady and Bailey walking towards me. I stopped them to ask if they would like a photo from the lights exhibit. They smiled for a photo, and Brady went down on one knee so quickly! Bailey’s reaction was the best thing ever. 

I wish I could describe the vibes that were radiating from them. 

Even with it being chilly and dark, we took advantage of the pure joy glowing from Brady and Bailey and did a short session at the Lincoln Park Boardwalk, wrapping up at the Honeycomb (People’s Gas Education Pavilion).  


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