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J inquired with me, excited to propose to his sweet girlfriend, M. He planned to propose in their beautiful home. I loved that J wanted to keep their moment intimate and in a space that was meaningful to them both. Planning a surprise proposal can be hard when trying to keep it on the low. I love supporting my clients throughout the process so their day is better than they could ever imagine, especially when it’s a Chicago surprise proposal at home!

So, after a quick trip to Miami, M’s dad picked them up from O’Hare International Airport and headed to their home.
Little did M know that candles would be lit along their large kitchen island and rose petals lining out a walkway to their cleared-out dining room when she arrived. M’s good friends spent time decorating the space and put out a bottle of champagne, champagne flutes, and the ring.

I arrived about thirty minutes before J and M would arrive home. I met all of their close friends and family while setting up my lights and taking detail photos. Once the ten-minute mark approached, everyone hid away from the main living area and waited anxiously.

I finally heard the front door begin to open and in walked J and M. Her expression immediately went to a smile, a giggle, and then she said, “Are you serious?” as they walked into their kitchen. As they made their way over to the champagne and ring, J brought M in for a hug. She had her hands covering her face, leaned into J, and started what I believe to be a laugh/cry. It was such a lovely moment! If you haven’t figured it out yet, M said YES!

Their friends and family came out from the shadows to congratulate them, we took photos, and I left them to enjoy their first few hours being engaged.

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